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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Blue Prison – Alchemist EP

Welcome to another exclusive premiere from It Djents! Today we bring you a hearty dose of instrumental progressive metal! The Blue Prison has been releasing music since way back in 2014, and today we are proud to share his new EP, Alchemist!  Soaring leads, chugging riffs, and an economic use of atmospheric elements all coalesce into a dazzling display of musicianship. Here’s the brand new EP!

Alchemist is made up of five new tracks which will delight listeners. I’ve had the chance to listen to the new EP in its entirety, and am happy to report that The Blue Prison refuse to take their foot off of the proverbial accelerator until the final track is played. I found my head bopping to and fro on several occasions. There are some excellent movements within these compositions as well as some much-needed reprieves. It’s aggressive, charming, and well-executed. 

If you want to get these tasty jams for yourself (and I know you do) be sure to head to Bandcamp and snag a copy. You can also follow The Blue Prison on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook, for all of their latest news, music, and announcements! The year is young, but already shaping up to be a great one for the music that we love, so get in on the ground floor and pick this one up!

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