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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Halcyon Effect – “Visionary” Ft. Morgan Thomaso

You know I couldn’t stay gone long, not with this much swell music to showcase. Today’s treat is a new song from The Halcyon Effect, the progressive metal project from Californian guitarist and producer Roberto Granados. The song is called “Visionary” and it features a nice solo from Visenya‘s Morgan Thomaso.

This is a very crisp track. It starts with a bass that’s thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, and bleeds into a clean, light guitar tone that I love. Throughout the song, wailing solos impress. The technical tones yield to a softer, ambient approach which keeps things interesting and varied. I like this dynamic because it imbues the music with a natural beauty that can sometimes get lost in the mechanized and overproduced feel of prog metal. Granados and Thomaso alike are cool, calm, and collected as they fly through the fretwork. “Visionary” has a lot of heart and I’m quite interested to see where The Halcyon Effect goes next!

I can’t imagine any fans of instrumental progressive metal not eating this up. If you love recent output by Plini, Intervals, or Archaeologist, you’ll find something to like here guaranteed. Granados is someone you should have your eye on!

Special thanks to The Halcyon Effect for letting us premiere this great track and playthrough. Please support the band by liking them on Facebook, and be sure to check out their older material on Bandcamp!

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