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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Interbeing – “Sins Of The Mechanical”

Hooray, it’s Friday, And we have the hottest tunes for you! We have the chance to premiere a lot of interesting, promising and exciting new artists. This time, we have a song from the awesome guys in The Interbeing! We are proud to present you with “Sins Of The Mechanical”, the first single off Among The Amorphus.

Receiving a lot of positive reactions after their 2011 debut record Edge Of The Obscure and supporting bands like Stone Sour, Meshuggah and Parkway DriveThe Interbeing are back. Among The Amorphus conveys a dystopian concept bound in technical metal. The mixing was done by Jonas Haagensen while the mastering was done by Jacob Hansen (best known for his work with Volbeat).

“Sins Of The Mechanical” stands out with groovy patterns, and a catchy but  ambient chorus. They perfectly mix a pensive, melancholy atmosphere with heavy rhythms and riffs.  Fans of Vola will love this. Here the Danish go again, delivering top notch prog metal tunes. This song is damn groovy and won’t let you sit still. Mark your calendars as the record is about to drop on June 23rd via our good friends in Long Branch Records!


Follow The Interbeing on Facebook! You can pre-order The Interbeing’s upcoming album “Among The Amorphous” right here, will be out June 23 via Long Branch Records!

Please Note: Just to clarify The Interbeing is no synonym for the existence of our PR Manager Inter!

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