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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Last Dodo – “Wander” Playthrough Feat. Luke Dowsett

The dodo was thought to have gone extinct long ago. Well, apparently one has been hiding out in France learning how to polymorph into a human form and play sweet, atmospheric guitar! The Last Dodo is an instrumental progressive band with a lot of nuanced flavor, and our latest exclusive premiere here at It Djents! Please allow me to introduce the official guitar playthrough video of “Wander”, featuring fellow guitarist Luke Dowsett!

The thing I like most about this song is how it pushes emotion and feeling to the forefront. This isn’t a shredfest focused on dazzling with hyper-technical, otherworldly fingerwork that practically sets the fretboard on fire. It’s a calming, reflective, evocative piece that uses precise, calculated performance to make you feel. It makes me think of the day we’re having today in Colorado: light rain with sun rays bursting between the gunmetal gray clouds in the sky. “Wander” does indeed make my mind wander, painting vivid pictures and bringing me to a relaxed state. That is until Luke Dowsett comes in with a soaring solo near the end of the track! Dowsett’s playing is lively, a marked contrast to the pensive guitar heard through the rest of the song. It reminds me of the best that bands like Scale the Summit have to offer, like their cinematic song “Whales”.

As the video tips off at the end, The Last Dodo is expecting to release an album titled We Found Him soon! No other details quite yet, but I’m sure the band will happily divulge those when the time is right. For now, I’m quite happy listening to “Wander” on a loop and indulging in their début self-titled EP, which you can find on Bandcamp. It’s good to see a band of this type willing to make music for the soul and mind, and not just for frantic air guitar aficionados (though, let’s be real, I like that, too). Wonderful stuff!

Big thanks to The Last Dodo for allowing us to premiere this great track! Please support the band by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter and YouTube, and checking out their older material on Bandcamp. Likewise, Luke Dowsett also has a neat catalog on Bandcamp and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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1 Comment

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