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We are proud to give you some new music from time to time, and I’m sure you are enjoying it as well. This time we have some sneaky modern prog metal in the likes of Periphery and Ghost Iris that I’m sure you’ll love! Take a shot at Theia from Rome, Italy!

About the track

“Zoe”, the first single of Theia‘s upcoming record Yugen, is a 5:30 minute-long track, kicking in with a harmony on clean guitars and some ambient effects, before getting quite wild in its guitar melodies. Fans of Ghost Iris might love what the band is playing on their instruments here! Singer Jacopo Pesciarelli delivers both shouts and clean vocals on an emotional level that listeners can grab onto. The grooves are strong with Theia, and they keep transisting into mathy and chaotic parts. In the midst of this mixture, the chorus feels like a pause to settle down and is layered with a fancy guitar solo that comes with a hearty portion of Periphery-esque epicness. Thus it might be the song’s climax right in the middle of the song.

Switching from chuggy progressive metalcore to post-hardcore catchiness, the Italians manage to keep listeners engaged throughout the whole song. At times it might be a little overwhelming how many things are going on, but it’s the breaks that pull us back onto the ground. The overall repetitive, almost pop-song structure might click for you while listening; at least the chorus will stick in your head for a while!

As the band explains on the video and concept of their record:

‘Zoe is the essence of our debut album Yugen but also of our band. The set is an old art gallery from the 19th Century with elements of a long lost time. With this set we wanted to evoke an elegance from the old time that has been lost over the time.

The video contains emotions like anger, despair, lust, a strong sense of rebellion. Emotions people learned to hide. With Zoe we wanted to create a parallel world, like a bubble or a safe place, maybe even the space we have in mind where can be how we want to be and where can be who we want to be. Who are we when no one is watching? What do we wish for? Crave for? What do we fear when we would be lost in a world that is ours to create? That’s what Zoe is. That is what Yugen is.  A parallel world to our world where people, emotions, minds come together paradoxically.

[The] Main element in our music video is the red ribbon as a symbol for our connection but can also be seen as bonds that holds us back. Important is, that no higher power or person is holding onto these ribbons but us. We connect us and we can put on the bonds, there is no one who is holding us back but us.

The concept of Zoe and Yugen is to show a world that takes place inside us, dominated by fears and wishes. We tried to show these elements with the actors in our music video. We have girls who are in love, who just see themselves and no one else, no society that could judge them. We have a man who is burned inside, unable to feel any emotions, he can be the man who always laughs but deep inside there is nothing left. We have a woman who longs for the past, who has some sort of interest for miracles and esoteric. A woman who holds onto men and controls them while the men act like they became crazy. Same woman will be shown as an old woman to show that we all find an end. No matter how much we try to fit in, we can’t stop time from passing. We have all kinds of personalities and stories that are free in this world but not in reality because of a pressure that has been created by us and by society.

With our music we try to get the people out of their daily routine or comfortzone. People don’t need a soft voice that whispers them to fight and get up but some heavy parts that push people to fight for their voice and turn the world in their minds into reality.’

Theia‘s debut record Yugen is going to be released on February 23rd. Make sure to keep your eyes on this promising band, and follow Theia on Facebook to not miss any updates!

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