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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Thoughtpilot – “The Hex” [Official Music Video]

To accompany the release of low-end djent beasts Thoughtpilot‘s brand new single, “The Hex”, It Djents is extremely proud to premiere the song’s amazing music video, which was produced and directed by the extremely talented Thomas Helvenstine.

“The Hex” is a delightfully brutal piece of music, which starts heavy, stays heavy, and then gets heavier. It has a great Fredrik Thordendal-esque mechanical feel to the guitars and percussion, and singer Abel Alvarado displays a varied and consistently meaty range of vocals. These elements combined coagulate into a masterfully crafted song that is incredibly tough not to bang your head to. Awesome stuff!

This new song/video follows on from Thoughtpilot‘s debut album Through the Lens, which was released only less than a year ago. The album itself was a fresh and highly energetic piece of work, and the fact that “The Hex” arrives so closely after suggests that this band have plenty more ideas in the pipeline. Hopefully it won’t be too long before bigger things come off the back of this great new song.

You can hear “The Hex” and other Thoughtpilot stuff at the band’s Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For the latest news, merch and other information, visit their official website and official Facebook page; for more great music videos from the same production company, check out the Thomas Helvenstine Visual website.

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