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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Tide Has Turned – “Night Bearer”

Saturday night is party night. But we have something even more fancy for you this Saturday! It’s the weekend, so the mood is good and the German djents in Tide Has Turned are releasing their brand new video for “Night Bearer” on our channel. As their guitarist Dennis states:

“Night Bearer is the second track off the upcoming EP ‘Void’ which will be out on the 16th of June. It expresses an abstract picture of the world that if we fail to stop destroying the environment and being ignorant to satisfy our greed and power; Nature is going to strike back and eradicate the masses with catastrophic scenarios.”

Watch the video here:

“Night Bearer”

The song delivers very bouncy and groovy rhythms, while also incorporating fast-paced, melodic metalcore riffing. There is also a pretty heavy breakdown, made all the more intense as the band sticks exclusively to guttural vocals. Though some may wish for the presence of singing, there is a great deal of melody within the very August Burns Red-esque guitar playing. The video shows the band performing, interspersing shots of some beautiful landscapes; shots of the German woods definitely match the song’s mood very well! Fans of bands like Erra or Elitist will definitely love what they hear!

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Their new EP Void comes out June 16th; you can pre-order it here!

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