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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Unseen Faith – “Dystopia”

Do you have three minutes? Sure you do! Use them to check out some new music! We are proud to present you Unseen Faith‘s new song “Dystopia” and, let me tell you, this is a very heavy one! And, again, it’s a band from Denmark! Looks like a lot of quality music is coming out of there these days…

The song starts heavy with a bit of Structures vibe; this is heard in Unseen Faith‘s chaotic riffing and melodic elements. If you are into bone-crushing breaks akin to Humanity’s Last Breath, the catchy and bouncing grooves of Structures and Volumes, plus some Born Of Osiris melodic elements, this song is worth checking out. Being as concise and heavy as it is, the track doesn’t get boring at all; you’ll want to listen to it again instantly! The song is bound in a fancy performance video, and the music production is courtesy of Chris Kreutzfeld (Cabal).

Unseen Faith‘s debut record Waver will be out late August 2017 through our friends in Prime Collective.
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