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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Unseen Faith – “Tree”

Today we have some very decent-sounding music for you, as we premiere a new track by Unseen Faith. The Danish outfit, already having released a six-track EP called Yokebreaker previously, is about to release their first full-length. Waver will be out this Friday, August 25th, and delivers a dark and brutal metal sound with atmospheric vibes and an overall catchy metalcore attitude.


…is a heavy song that starts out with a very Northlane-ish ambiance that might remind you of the Australian band’s earlier work. It has decent grooves while still being driving and fast-paced. This all is wrapped into a very modern-sounding production. Sometimes there’s a little Erra vibe within the music of Unseen Faith as well.

The song comes with a very well-produced video that shows the musicians performing in front of a white screen. Plus, there is obviously a tree included in the video! The overall presentation results in a very nice single that might get you stoked for Waver to drop. And as I said before, the wait is almost over! It will be released via our friends in Prime Collective (which is also the home of great bands like Cold Night For Alligators)!

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