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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Von Citizen – “Mechanic” (Feat. Olly Steele Of Monuments)

Fair warning: today’s exclusive premiere is going to shred you like cheddar cheese. Coming all the way from Guangzhou, China, Von Citizen are a progressive instrumental metal (instru-metal?) band with a penchant for fretwork. We have the esteemed privilege of premiering a track from their upcoming album Sentience, dropping very soon on April 30! The song is called “Mechanic” and it features Olly Steele, guitarist of djent extraordinaires Monuments! Take a listen:

This is quite an explosive track with an abundance of guitar! Early Animals as Leaders is evoked with multilayering; one axe providing a light melody, another grinding through tough and crunchy riffs in the intro. Solos are flourishing acts of finger acrobatics. The drums never quit and pound away at progressive rhythms to keep the show going. “Mechanic” is consistently heavy, but also has an air of fun to it like some of Intervals‘ best work. This makes the song multifaceted and gives it a bit sunnier of a disposition than it might otherwise not have.

The video’s futuristic, neon-soaked cityscape is quite fitting of the prog metal sound Von Citizen establish here. I must admit I have not heard of this band until today, but consider me invested. I look forward to seeing what the rest of their upcoming album is like!

We must thank Von Citizen for this treat of a premiere they have entrusted us with. Shoutout to China’s progressive music scene. Please give the band a follow on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t you dare miss their album Sentience when it come out on April 30 on Bandcamp!

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