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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Walking Across Jupiter – “Hymns Of The Valiant” Guitar Playthrough

When we last saw our outer space prog heroes Walking Across Jupiter, they were enthralling me with their take on the genre. Where “Phantom Pain” was a more traditional affair with vocals from Nikita Valamin and the neat edges you’d expect out of a solid prog metal outfit, we got something a little different today from the Russia-based duo. We’re pleased to present to you the second exclusive premiere from the band, a beautiful guitar playthrough of “Hymns of the Valiant”!

This playthrough video really goes above and beyond. How many videos have you seen that take place primarily on an empty, wondrous beach in Miami? Alexander Valitov combs the perfect shores of the beach, stations on top of a lifeguard tower with a nice power stance, and uses the awe-inspiring port city as a strong backdrop for the video. This is a great visual aesthetic for the track’s progressively epic tone, steeped in just as much aural beauty as the visuals. The track is fully instrumental, going back to the band’s roots before they incorporated vocals into their music. Symphonic strings give it a regal element to complement the focused and clean guitarwork.

It’s kind of rare that you see a playthrough video this striking, let alone one that matches a song so well. “Hymns of the Valiant” comes from Walking Across Jupiter‘s recently released, and quite impressive, album Oneiroid. I recommend checking it out if you’re into progressive metal that’s dynamic, atmospheric and spacey at times. Fans of TesseracT and Caligula’s Horse will find something of great value here! I recommend checking out their latest interview with The Circle Pit for more insight on their creative process and making their newest album.

We want to express our gratitude to Walking Across Jupiter for entrusting us with another premiere of theirs. Be sure to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and VK. Their Bandcamp includes their new album Oneiroid as well as a sizable backlog to tackle. Support this band!

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