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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Walking Across Jupiter – “Phantom Pain”

At It Djents, we love providing a platform for up-and-coming artists and their work. Sometimes, there’s no better place to find great music than off the beaten path, and that’s why we’re here. Although the band we’re focusing on today is more established than most, they are nonetheless some spectacular progressive metal apparently from another planet by way of St. Petersburg, Russia. I’m talking about Walking Across Jupiter, and today we have the pleasure of premiering a new track and first music video from them called “Phantom Pain”!

After just one listen, I’m enthralled with this band’s command of dynamics. Delicate, intricate moments lead into punctuated measures of aggression and emotion, mostly at the whim of versatile, evocative vocalist Nikita Valamin. That’s not to say the instrumentation doesn’t play its part in conducting the tone and mood of the track. Guitarist Alexander Valitov provides meaty riffs, but knows when to pull back and blend more with the rhythm section to allow the track to breathe. He displays skillful and heavy fretwork that lends itself well to the more powerful segments of the track. Orchestral arrangements make this song whole, swelling up in the mix near the end and providing a proverbial cherry on the prog sundae.

I’m reminded of a more subtle Caligula’s Horse and even some elements of TesseracT. “Phantom Pain” shows a band confident in their sound, but also hint that they have some tricks up their collective sleeves. This is sure to play well to fans of modern progressive metal as it encompasses so much that is right with the genre. I hear the band is set to release an album soon… we’ll have to see!

If you like what you hear like I do, please take a moment to support the band on Facebook, Instagram and VK. They also have a Bandcamp with a sizable backlog to comb through. Big thanks to Walking Across Jupiter for allowing us the pleasure of premiering this video and track!

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1 Comment

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