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ItDjentsTV: Helicase – “Confining Thoughts” [Official Lyric Video]

Helicase is a progressive metalcore band from Cleveland, OH, and yes, they djent. Things seem pretty much in the formative stages for the band. We chose to preview Helicase’s “Confining Thoughts” because it’s a damn good song, purely on the strength of the material alone and that says something.

The band’s music has a definite ERRA vibe to it, what with the busy, flowery melodies bubbling up under the churning rhythmic riffs. They use clean vocals in the same way as ERRA as well, adding to the familiarity. Other points of reference could include acts like August Burns Red. In “Confining Thoughts”, Helicase show a keen sense of balancing between melody and bludgeon through their solid musicianship; the lyrics are thoughtful enough. While they might not have originality on their side, Helicase exhibit sufficient mastery of the genre to deserve notice.

Confining Thoughts” is their first lyric video and their second song ever! Helicase consists of: Kaustav Malik who plays guitar and supplies the (somewhat muffled in the mix) clean vocals, Ian Mitchell plays drums and Johnathan Spilker provides the harsh vocals. A bass player and a second guitarist are reportedly in the tryout stage but have yet to be disclosed.

Still image from the "Confining Thoughts" video by Cleveland's Helicase

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For the curious, a ‘helicase‘ is a kind of enzyme that binds and possibly remodels nucleaic acids (nucleic acids are the ‘NA’ in DNA and RNA, so the layman can know that helicases play a role in genetics right away). They allow genes to be copied and do so by tapping into energy found within the very molecules that make up genes; a helicase is therefore essential for the preservation and continuation of life at the most microscopic levels imaginable. How this can metaphorically fit with Helicase’s music is difficult to discern, as the members of Helicase are all college or university students in fields other than molecular biology.

We are very eager to learn more about them, and judging from what we heard in “Confining Thoughts,” so should you.

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