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ItDjentsTV: Helicase – “Masquerade” [Exclusive Premiere]

Helicase return with their second video, this time for a new song called “Masquerade.” The Cleveland djent merchants privileged us with a preview of their début video for the song “Confining Thoughts” last month. What we have here shows a different side of the band.

While Helicase still flaunt the ERRA influence noted the last time we covered them, in “Masquerade” we hear a fair bit more ambiance that has an almost black metal quality to it. The song also has a riff in the middle section which possesses a distinct hardcore vibe. But the most striking change from “Confining Thoughts” is a brutish, lumbering groove right at the beginning, the sort of thing one would expect to hear from Vildhjarta. The band cites Between The Buried And Me and The Contortionist as influences, something evident in their other songs, but the Vildhjarta vibe comes through in a very acute way in “Masquerade”.

Helicase, in the flesh

Helicase, in the flesh

A look at Helicase’s YouTube channel allows one to find an amazing guitar playthrough for a song called “Evolve” (continuing somewhat along the biological thematic lines suggested by their name). This puts them more in the zone of the bands they claim as influences, and it is closer to “Confining Thoughts” as well. “Masquerade” then shows the Cleveland outfit branching out and experimenting; perhaps leaving their musical comfort zone, perhaps breaking down the molecules of different influences to carry the musical DNA to newer and evolving work, much like a real-life helicase does. Anyway, we look forward to hearing more from Helicase as they continue along the path of their musical evolution. Who knows? Maybe they will even unleash an EP or album upon us in the near future.

FFO: ERRA, BTBAM, The Contortionist, Vildhjarta

In addition to the aforementioned YouTube channel, Helicase can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify

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