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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Inverted Serenity – “Mitral Genesis”

Nobody will accuse Winnipeg’s Inverted Serenity of playing programmed drums after seeing this video. Their third album, As Spectres Wither, was released on October 6 and “Mithral Genesis” is the second song on it. If this video is anything to go by, the album is a purely organic work of tech-death.

We have a double rarity in this video: a drum playthrough, and a band from Winnipeg, MB (just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, no less). Guitarists dominate playthrough videos, a rather odd thing considering that as the most physical of musicians, drummers are far more interesting to watch. Inverted Serenity’s Winnipeg home base makes for the other rare aspect on display here. While Canada has a thriving metal scene and has historically produced many influential bands, bands from the Western Canadian space between Ontario and BC are not widely known to exist. One would hope a talented band like Inverted Serenity might change this.

Inverted Serenity

Inverted Serenity

We see Inverted Serenity drummer Benjamin Deveau power though a very energetic song that has a lot of twists and turns, and almost no rests. Deveau follows the dizzying variety of riffs closely in the great tech-death tradition of drummers playing a secret leading role in defining a band’s sound.

As is often the case, the genius lies in the details. Watch this video and count the number of microphones, cables, or headphones on display. That number would be zero. Deveau plays “Mitral Genesis” in perfect time with a studio recording of the song, it would seem without even hearing it and by extension without needing to hear the rest of the band. Moreover, several camera angles are used in this video (also unusual for playthoughs, which mostly stay full frontal), which means Deveau did a picture perfect playthrough without accompaniment more than once in the same day. This guy has talent.

Inverted Serenity - "As Spectres Wither" (cover)

We will hope to hear more from Inverted Serenity. If they open the mitral valves for other other brilliant bands to bleed out of Canada’s lonely Prairie heartland, then so much the better.

Inverted Serenity’s As Spectres Wither streams on Bandcamp, with physical copies available too. Follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

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