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It Djents TV: Beyond The Setting Sun – “Subject – Ghost”

It’s been three years since Leipzig, Germany’s Beyond the Setting Sun released their first (and most recent) full-length album, The Villain. As we close in on the release date for their next project, the band has been kind enough to sate their fans with another exclusive single premiere. If the first single from their new album, The Archimedean Point, promised tech-seasoned deathcore, then this new track titled “Subject – Ghost” is a fulfillment of that promise delivered by freighter because this track is heavy as hell.

It’s hard to ignore the more urgent start this single has compared to the first one. From the jump, you’re hit with guttural vocals, a commanding rhythm section and riffing fit for headbanging. The track quickly calms, though, to allow synths and a guitar lead to harmonize a bit. Nils’ harsh and clean vocals trade off throughout the track to give some variance, including a drowned out vocal effect that reminds me of the pre-chorus in Metallica‘s “No Leaf Clover”. Then the guitars slam back into the mix, bringing back the density and banishing the lighter atmosphere. This track has it all – no doubt a crowdpleaser for fans of the band.

Be sure to check out The Archimedean Point when it’s released on June 16. Digital pre-orders are available on Bandcamp with physical pre-orders on Bigcartel. Follow Beyond the Setting Sun on Facebook and Instagram.

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