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It Djents TV: The Lucid Archetype – “Theta”

Two-piece progressive metal project The Lucid Archetype are back! You might have heard of these guys before, in form of a band called Only The Strong. “Theta”, their new single, is a song perfectly combining the band’s ambient aspect with their heavy grooves and a catchy attitude. Starting out with a very The Safety Fire-esque riff, the clean vocals enter the fray and create a very similar vibe to Atmospheres. With its heavy grooves and catchy chorus, this song will surely be able to convince a lot of prog fans, so make sure to give The Lucid Archetype a spin! Their second EP Actus Reus is going to be released on January 14th.

FFO: The Safety Fire, The Contortionist, Atmospheres

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1 Comment

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