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IT DJENTS TV: Prospective – “Watershaped”

Bologna is not only the home of infamous Spaghetti Bolognese. The beautiful city within the Emilia-Romagna has up to 80,000 students and lovely arcades. If this isn’t reason enough to visit Bologna, here is another one:

It again is time for new music! This time we have the Italian dudes in Prospective giving us their new song “Watershaped”. Coming with a performance video, this song delivers groovy and melodic guitar work. On top, the singing evokes some Northlane vibes, while the guitars conjure comparisons to The Safety Fire and Veil Of Maya. In fact, the chorus reminds me of Matriarch a little bit. All of this is packaged into a very solid sounding mix and a catchy song structure; it is not overproduced, but it fits the high quality standards of 2017. If you like the aforementioned bands, you will dig this for sure!

The band released an EP called Chronosphere in March 2015. After playing several shows with acts like Uneven Structure, The Algorithm and Betraying The Martyrs, the band decided to go on and write an album! Their follow-up record, entitled Beyond, was released in September 2016!

Make sure to follow Prospective on Facebook! You can check out the band’s website here.

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1 Comment

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