It Djents TV: Dusks Embrace – With Cleansing Flames [Exclusive Premier]

ItDjentsTV proudly presents  Dusks Embrace‘s new single ‘With Cleansing Flames’, off of their up-and-coming fourth album ReAwakening, coming out this later this fall! If you’re not familiar with the band, they’ve released three albums and two EPs, all in melo death records a few years back. They’ve undergone lineup changes and their style has evolved beyond the frames of the genre. Now, they’re back with fresh material headed in a new direction. The single is a decently orchestrated 6′ progressive rock/metal trip showcasing new vocalist Aldo Arevalo‘s skills, lots of synth creating atmosphere, and catchy melodies. The band prides itself in taking inspiration from diverse artists and wants to turn their back to the technicality of melodic death metal. Fans of Fair To Midland or Rishloo will enjoy their music. So, here it is the video of the dudes themselves playing it:

You can check out the band’s homepage, where you can find all previous releases, and, if you like what you’ve heard, follow their Facebook page for release dates, news and updates regarding ReAwakening.

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