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It Djents TV: George Constantine Kratsas – A Strange Attractor [Official Guitar Playthrough]

ItDjentsTV is proud to present George Constantine Kratsas‘s playthrough of “A Strange Attractor”, a song off of his upcoming album ReEngineering Chaos. ‘Who is he?’ you might ask. Well, the Greek solo artist, backed by a drummer, bassist and pianist, hasn’t made the big leagues yet; however, he released a solo instrumental demo in 2013 and his first album, titled Abducted Cosmos, in 2014. Combining 8-string metal grooves, melodic choruses, industrial synths and technical solos, he should be a hit with fans of proggy instrumental shred metal acts such as Jeff Loomis, Michael Romeo or Paul Wardingham.

You can check out Kratsas‘s playthrough below. What do you think?

ReEngineering Chaos is still missing a release date, so if you like what you hear, follow KratsasFacebook for updates and check out his Bandcamp to hear his previous releases.

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