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ItDjentsTV: Petroglyphs – “Equilibrium”

Hope you brought your appetite for melody because we got a great helping of it today! Petroglyphs are a metalcore band from Sacramento, CA and they got melody by the tons. Currently tracking new music for a future full-length release, they just dropped the video for their latest single “Equilibrium” recently which means it’s available to watch below!

Right out of the gate, you get a tasty fret tapping guitar melody. Different melodies are used throughout the whole song. They’re quick and have an almost math rock quality to them that makes the track flashy. Deep rhythm guitar chords and bass licks provide a sweet low end while the drums harmonize with them. The beat is catchy and makes your toes tap along to the double bass. Harsh vocals are strong and consistent while cleans creep their way in, but mostly hang back in the mix. It’s an effects-heavy, glitchy video which adds some nice color and pizzazz. Enjoy!

This was all my really long way of telling you that the track is good! It’s pretty, ethereal, and powerful, especially when you delve into the lyrics (they’re posted in the description box of the video on YouTube if you’re curious). Do yourself a favor and follow Petroglyphs on Facebook, and check out their music on Bandcamp!

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1 Comment

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