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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Lingua Nada – “Level 100”

It’s time for another thrilling premiere! This time around we’d like to give you the lead single off the Leipzig, Germany-based indie/math rock four-piece Lingua Nada‘s upcoming album, Snuff, due out on March 23. The song is called “Level 100”, and you can check it out below!

“Level 100″…

…bears a striking resemblance to the sunny, quirky math rock of groups like Tera Melos; the start-stop riffing and effect-laden licks, as well as the punchy and lively drumming, clearly evoke a similar feeling as the compositions of said math rock legends. There’s a lot going on over the 4:44 minutes of runtime (both in the song itself and the accompanying, matchingly weird music video), so it’s probably best you get an idea of it for yourself by listening to “Level 100” a few times.

This being the lead single off the band’s new record Snuff, one can only imagine what they came up with for the remainder of its songs. About the arduous, straining process of the album’s creation, Adam Lenox had the following to say:

We almost killed each other while our recording time in July. It was super warm in there, the studio’s control room was about 10m square and we would barely fit three dudes in it. We spent hours on each guitar sound to be sure that it won’t sound the same twice, ever. We’ve used countless pedals that broke because of leaving them on too long turned on and the disgusting and moist heat, I even threw my headphones at my drummer’s face for reasons that I forgot. It was like looking for the perfect imperfection, completely confused in the middle of a startrek battle field inside of a pizza oven.

Looking on the bright side of it all, though, he came to a much more positive conclusion:

Anyways, after some time eventually I accepted that each member of this band has always been cursed with playing weird things within or without Lingua Nada and that the dynamic of us as a band and each members personality is pretty well represented in this record. And hopefully the listener can find himself in it, acknowledge its most ugly aspects and its most beautiful traits, and at the end of experience leave with an evil grin, just like us.

And there you have it! Make sure to follow Lingua Nada on Facebook, and to pre-order Snuff. Be warned, though: you can only do so after beating a game the band came up with! You can find it here. Good luck! If you’re not sure whether to risk it or not yet, go check out their previous material on Bandcamp.

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