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ItDjentsTV: Messengrs – “Earthbounder”

If ever a tune featured by It Djents TV had an intro suited for our vanity plate fade-in, this would be it. The Prog Epithet Awards™ need to create a “Most Dreamy Intro” category just so Houston’s Messengrs could win it for this song. “Earthbounder” is by turns dreamy, chuggy, heavy, and made of djent.

This four-piece band (technically five — Messengrs’s Facebook profile names their bass player as “?”) classify themselves as a “progressive metal” band but their style falls more into the area where deathcore and djent intersect, with some post-hardcore melodicism thrown in. Indeed, Messengrs cite Reflections, Being As An Ocean, August Burns Red, and Fit For A King as influences. And it shows.

“Earthbounder” is the debut single off of their Paradox EP, slated for a September 29 release.

“Earthbounder” starts with the aforementioned dreamy intro which, sarcasm aside, is actually quite beautiful and they complement it well with some ambient guitar-work. The main riff shows Messengrs’s djenty, deathcore-y side. They add in the clean singing briefly over the ambient guitars, sans-chugging, in a manner that almost recalls The Contortionist. This does not last long as they segue into another verse, then a breakdown. It ends with a somewhat extended coda that recalls the intro.

Messengrs show some creativity here and an effort to move beyond their influences. It would be interesting to see how the dual guitars of Cale King and GioVanni Alaniz translate live. In the meantime, if “Earthbounder” is at all representative of the rest of the EP, it should prove to be a very enjoyable listen.

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