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EXCLUSIVE EP STREAM: The Luminary – “Flow State”

We showcased “Isolated” by London, ON (Canada)’s The Luminary earlier this week. That video teased the EP Flow State, for which we have an exclusive opportunity to stream today.

In terms of quality, “Isolated” was in no way a, well, isolated track. Too often, young bands release EPs instead of albums because they do not have enough good material; that would not be the case with Flow State, as none of the five songs on it are weak. The Luminary could have justified making a video for any one of them.

The Luminary - "Flow State" cover (from Instagram)

Apart from the aforementioned “Isolated” (which opens Flow State), we have “Silent Sentry,” with its solid groove. Next comes the title track, which has more clean singing than any other song on the EP. This apparent knack for melody shows an area of potential growth for The Luminary, something they might want to explore, especially if they ever consider writing longer songs (Flow State’s five songs take up less than 20 minutes).

“Envisioned” is the heaviest song on Flow State, comparable to the role played by “The Bad Thing” on Periphery’s Juggernaut: Alpha album. The Luminary show good pacing judgment by putting said song right after “Flow State”. It has the least melody and the least groove of all of the EP’s tracks, but it works. The EP then ends with “Control,” another hard, grooving track in the same vein as “Isolated” and “Silent Sentry”. Having just a hint of melody, it ends Flow State on a satisfying note.

Anyway, have fun with the new EP below:

Kudos go to The Luminary for making such a quality EP. All that is left to determine is if the band can pull it off live; that, and if they can develop their melodic side a bit more. But Flow State makes it clear, these guys djent.

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Check out The Luminary on their Bandcamp page. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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