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IT DJENTS TV: The Lucid Archetype “2.0” ALBUM STREAM

We are proud to give you the full album stream of The Lucid Archetype‘s new record. After releasing their single “Theta” via our channel, they now have their full EP called 2.0 done. The recordings were done by Matt Bernal, the band’s very own guitarist, as well as their singer Brian Fulks at Darkened Dreams studios.

2.0 is a collaboration of seven songs, bound into a length of 25 minutes, which equals an interesting and shortwhile listening. Atmospheric, groovy and catchy at times their sound reminds of bands like Atmospheres, old The Contortionist or TesseracT. Doesn’t sound bad at all? Indeed, it sounds convincing! If you are into ambient prog metal, you might like what The Lucid Archetype are doing on this record. At times heavy, sometimes soft, whilst the songs find a matching balance in between. Simply check out “Alt+del” and you will know what is meant!

The tracklist is the following:

1. Imperium
2. Causality
3. Alt+del
4. 2.0
5. Theta
6. Summon the Heterodox
7. Actus Reus

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