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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Your Hands Write History “Wandering Stars”

Your Hands Write History are among an elite of recent prog/djent metal bands who are successfully breathing fresh life into the genre. The new video for their song “Wandering Stars” successfully demonstrates how damn fierce this band’s music really is. Lucky for It Djents then, that we have the exclusive video premiere.

“Wandering Stars” contains a sublime melodic intro, accompanied with some lovely harmonious singing. The whole pace is then blown into oblivion by the explosive main riff, which is an effectively simple and altogether goosebump-inducing hook. The entire song in fact, is a sky-splitting tour de-force of groove and progressiveness. And that breakdown at the end… Ha, just you wait!

The video was filmed over a three-week period during an intensive 20-date sellout US tour, to coincide with the release of Your Hand Write History‘s latest EP, Luna. If you liked this song, you are strongly encouraged to listen to the whole EP. It’s one of the most interesting prog/djent releases of recent times, with amazing vocals, some spacey post-rock ambiance and some truly cranium-crunching heaviness. It’s the willingness to experiment and think beyond the box that makes this band so special. So here’s looking forward to their next swathe of releases.

You can hear more of Your Hands Write History at their Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube pages. For tour dates and other news, visit their Official Facebook page, and Official Website.

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