Meet The It Djents Team

It Djents Team comprises of the following:


Arthur Kiulian – Founder

Landon Turlock – Editor-in-Chief

Dominik Böhmer – Assistant Editor

Alon Shaul – Assistant Editor

Tyler Caldas – Assistant Editor

Inter – PR + Social Media

Valentin Bock – PR + Social Media

Rodney Fuchs – Writer + Social Media Assistant

Staff Writers

Jonce Marshall Palmer

Tom Bostok

Michael Martin

David Rodriguez

Patrick Sallings

Jake Walters

Andrew Bernstein

Jördan Gale

Josh Redmond

Paul Scalese

Pete Overell

Sam Alberti

Vidur Paliwal

Art Team

Sergio Schiappacassi – YouTube and Graphic

Leanna White – Graphic

Mark Bruno – Web Design



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