This Week In News 4/17/2017 – Haken Tour North America, The HARRP Machine Return, New Miss May I Album

Those in North America disappointed with the recent run of Haken‘s European-only stint for their 10th anniversary can rest easy, as the band has announced they will bring the show to western shores in August and September with Sithu Aye in tow. The shows seem to be located in relatively small venues, so be sure to grab your tickets early. Fans of The HARRP Machine will be excited to hear of the band’s return through a post made on Instagram earlier this week. While no official announcement with details has been made, this is a positive indication for things to come. Finally, American metalcore band Miss May I has announced a new album, Shadows Inside, to be released on June 2nd.

Weekly Playlist

Open up those tabs, because we have a unique set of aggressive tracks for you today. First up is probably the most interesting of the bunch, if for nothing more than the fact that the harpsichord is a woefully underappreciated instrument – Igorrr‘s “ieuD” (no, that’s not a spelling mistake). If you’re looking for something a little more palatable, give “Your Last Breaths” by Suffocation a chance, or the highly approachable “Lost In The Grey” by Miss May I. Last of today’s selections, we have a new video from Loathe in “East of Eden“. Oh, and if you haven’t checked this symphonic rendition of Haken‘s “Premonition“, consider this a bonus track for the week.

Review Corner

Flux ConductYetzer Hara (8/10): “With its palatable nine tracks, varied orchestral and acoustic instrumentation and Carroll’s diverse vocals, Browne’s compositions on [this album] are both individually and collectively some of his most mature work. Despite not being as ground-breaking or gripping as some of his previous material, [it] is a solid collection of songs that will satisfy djent fans while expanding the multiplicity of Browne’s songwriting.”

Uneven StructureLa Partition (10/10): “This album is one that grows and grows on you as you unlock the secrets of each track, with gorgeous, dulcet guitar tones thrown in on occasion, drawing your attention away from the distorted groove and the harmonies of the vocals. This album is clearly something the band have worked on thoroughly, with attention paid to every chord and it’s duty in the mix of the songs.”

Ghost BathStarmourner (5.5/10): “While some songs really have beautiful instrumentations, and especially the eerie, ethereal sounding orchestral parts are truly beautiful, the actual songwriting just lacks substance in some points. It is a solid album if you already like [the band]. Solid but boring, sadly.”

Tigran Hamasyan An Ancient Observer (8.5/10): “…I am quite convinced that I have never heard anything in the likes of it before. It’s not like the mixture of jazz, contemporary classical music and Armenian folk [this artist] has come to be known for has ever been easy to classify/describe, but this record is extremely unique, even for his standards.”

Aswekeepsearching Zia (8/10): “…there is a melancholic beauty in the soft post-rock that [the band] brings forth in Zia – an exotic ride into the wild, beautiful landscapes of Indian indie music.”

Artificial BrainInfrared Horizon (7/10): “Listen to [this album] to hear a promising new technical death metal band in their developmental stage, on their way up to what one would hope to be a great future where their obvious musical brilliance could be better appreciated.”

As Seen On It Djents

This week we have a pair of exclusive premieres and an interview for you to enjoy. Italian metal group Fall of Minerva brings us more of their progressive hardcore sound in “Novocaine“, and you’ll get a mix of high cleans and rough screams in the new DFB (Dylan Furr Band) premiere, “Epiphany“. Furthermore, I’m sure a number of you reading this listened to DragonForce back in the day, so be sure to check out our interview with bassist Frédéric Leclercq.

Question of the Week: “What do you think is the most underappreciated instrument in modern music?” Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal/prog!

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