NEWS: Sleep Token Drops “Nazareth”, Announces New EP

If you’ve heard of the band Sleep Token, then you might know that much of the band itself is wrapped in secrecy. The collective of four anonymous musicians remain masked and unnamed, claiming to “the musical end of a sprawling global cult that worships the deity of ‘Sleep’, an ancient being that is given power by those who believe”. While we may never know who is ending such a global cult, we do now know that they will be releasing a new EP, aptly titled Two, on July 21st. The follow-up comes hot of the heels of their equally as aptly named previous EP, One, back in 2016. Along with the announcement, we have a new single to dig into:

The song, “Nazareth”, has the same familiar atmosphere and structure that was present on most of their first EP. Slow, quiet melodies and clean vocals, contrasted by the following use of a more traditionally instrumental djent heaviness toward the end. In this way, the structure reflects the tried and true build-up and catharsis that many bands use. The video is similarly mysterious and full of contrast, focusing almost entirely on a bug crawling over a white flower with a handful of distortion effects. The music and video here reflect much of the self-importance they portray in their image – a commitment to the performance in all facets. There’s nothing here that will surprise you, but if this style of music is up your alley, then you’ll likely enjoy the track.

You can check out more Sleep Token news on their Facebook and preorder the EP here.

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