NEWS: Perturbator Returns With EP “New Model” in October 2017

James Kent still has more soundscapes from the dystopian future to share with us! Known more commonly by his stage name Perturbator, Kent has shared with fans that there is a long-form EP in the works called New Model. If you recall, he released a single back in December of 2016 called “Tactical Precision Disarray” believed to be a standalone single, most likely a leftover from the full-length album he released earlier in the year called The Uncanny Valley. Well, either it was a ruse by the half-human, half-synthesizer artist or he went a little wild and decided to make more music to warrant an EP release. Either way, fans of his pulsing, bleek darksynth style will find a lot to like here!

Distributor and label Blood Music describes the upcoming release as ‘revelling in utter madness, gnarled and distorted low-end, and eschewing all modern rules of tempo; the 34-and-a-half minute EP enters quickly and cleans out your core, guiding you on a dystopian odyssey through the underbelly of fierce glitch and madness.’ In other words, it’s going to wreck you. Check out the mechanical “Tactical Precision Disarray”:

New Model will have six tracks all listed below along with the cover art and will be released as a co-production of Blood Music and Music Of The Void (Perturbator’s own label) on October 20, 2017. No preorder details yet, but follow Perturbator on Facebook and Blood Music on Facebook for more information, hopefully soon!

PerturbatorNew Model track list:

1. Birth of the New Model
2. Tactical Precision Disarray
3. Vantablack
4. Tainted Empire
5. Corrupted by Design
6. God Complex

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