NEWS: Fiend Without a Face Release Album Without a Warning

Out of nowhere, Mastodon side-project Fiend Without a Face released a full-length album, the first in a few years! The band, featuring Brann Dailor and Brent Hinds, acts as a creative outlet for the two artists to explore their more traditional ‘down south’ roots incorporating elements of rockabilly, country, southern rock and a little blues as well. It features song titles such as “Burnt Reynolds”, “Hop a Train” and “We Ain’t No Fun”. That last track title is a patently false statement since it sounds like Dailor and Hinds had a lot of fun stepping out of their proggy, sludgy metal shell to write this.  Check it out!

In addition to Spotify, the self-titled album is also available for streaming and purchase through Amazon and iTunes. Read about a recently detailed Mastodon EP due to drop very soon here!

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