NEWS: Good Tiger Release New Song And Announce Album

Good Wednesday. Good evening. Good News. Good new Architects Song. Good Tiger. Everything seems to be good on this Wednesday the 6th of September and it’s even getting better! Yep you read right. Good Tiger just released a new single! When in 2015 the band around ex-The Safety Fire guitarists Dez and Joe teamed up with ex-Architects guitarist Morgan Sinclair, ex-TesseracT singer Eliot Coleman and ex-“insert one of his projects here” drummer Alex Rudinger decided to start a band they directly came up with their debut record. A Head Full Of Moonlight delivered a slightly progressive mix of modern metal and some post-hardcore-ish influences, whilst Coleman’s unique voice did the rest.


“The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking” starts with a similar atmosphere as the band’s previous song “Understanding Silence”. A minute of pure preparation for the proper song that starts with a repetitive yet catchy chorus. The following riffing and drum part definitely marks Good Tigers‘ sound. Jazzy guitar chords meet up with groovy drums in this part that has more to offer than the chorus.

Sure, this single stands out with a very catchy attitude and is a good single. Still it sounds that Good Tiger carry on where they finished after their good received debut. Especially the chord work stands out, while Coleman again shows what he is able to. When you’re a fan of the band, you will love this new song. When the vocals have been your main issue, you might have a problem as well. Anyway, make sure to listen to this first output since the band’s 2015 release.

On a side note the band will be releasing a full record in 2018!

This is the full artwork:

It will be released on February 9th of 2018 via Metal Blade records and titled We Will All Be Gone. Make sure to pre-order it here!
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Can you feel it?

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