NEWS: The Afterimage Release Single “Pursue”

Yes, we really waited for this one! The Afterimage is back with new music! “Pursue” basically has everything that we could want to hear from a band like The Afterimage. There is a lot of melodic guitar tapping, a trademark of the band. There is also a very catchy chorus that might make you think of Periphery or Erra. The track is certainly an extension of the group’s previously established sound. Just add some even more ambitiously high vocals (which isn’t meant in a bad way at all), and you will get “Pursue”.

Shred fans might love this song, as it also has an impressive guitar solo! All this is packed in ambiance, a little electronic section and an overall catchy sound! The wait was probably worth it. This song truly delivers  earwigs. Produced by Sam Guaiana and mixed by Jordan Valeriote, this song has high production value and might get this band some new fans!

“Pursue” is building up some momentum for a new album. Are you excited? Let’s see where those Canadians are taking us!

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You can purchase “Pursue” on the band’s Bandcamp!

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