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It Djents TV: Desolace – Green [Official Music Video]

Desolace have come a long way in their relatively short career. Moving out from under the shadow of their influences, the progressive metalcore group have been teasing their audience with a variety of playthroughs off their upcoming record, PHOTOSYNTHESIS, to be released on March 17. These past playthroughs have specifically highlighted the instrumental virtuosity of the group. However, with the release of the music video for “Green”, we can now hear the entire band in action.

Vocalist Kriss Jakob’s has greatly extended the versatility of his voice, implementing pitched screams and growls into a repertoire that highlights the group’s diverse, intense music. He also lent his video editing skills to the potent, nature themed music video, starring Stefanie Horn as Mother Nature. In the refrain, Jakob implores us, “Is this the world we are all living in?/A fading green/A fading growth”. This powerful message lends an emotive impact to the song’s jagged riffs, darting guitar leads, atmospheric synths and merciless, articulate drumming. For fans of Born of OsirisVeil of MayaJason Richardson and Erra, this single hints at a very promising debut full-length from Desolace. What do you think of the song?

Follow Desolace on Facebook, and listen to their music on Bandcamp. Pre-orders for PHOTOSYNTHESIS are available here. The record will be out on  March 17 via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play.

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