EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Driven By Entropy – “Patterns In The Sky”

We are proud to have some new music for you in the form of a new single by German prog metal outfit Driven By Entropy. The band, out of the Frankfurt area, is just about to release their upcoming record On The Shoulders Of Giants. After releasing an impressive single with their track “What’s The Harm”, the band have now dropped an official music video for the next one: “Patterns In The Sky”.

Lyrically, the song explores the theme of exploitation for financial gain, advocating for the victims of malignant snake oil or pseudo-spiritual leaders without the interests of others in mind. Musically, the band conjures very heavy grooves similar to Meshuggah, while the catchy chorus definitely has a mass appeal. Fans of bands like Periphery or Monuments will certainly enjoy the single, with its mix of metal aggression and melodic hooks. As the song shies away from tasteless complexity, its somewhat accessible structure makes for an enjoyable listen. This enjoyment is furthered by the song’s solid production, courtesy of Driven By Entropy‘s very own Kai Bender and mastering by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney. This song might be the best way to start your day!

The video was done by Hardcut Media. Make sure to follow Driven By Entropy on Facebook!

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