EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Lòdz – “The Sound Of Deceit”

Usually, when I’m disillusioned, it doesn’t sound this good. Welcome to another exclusive It Djents premiere! Today we’re bringing you a brand new track from post-rock outfit Lòdz. “The Sound Of Deceit” is taken from their second LP, Time Doesn’t Heal Anything. Mixing the dark melodicism of Ghost Brigade with the rich, melancholic textures of Katatonia, this song is heavy, moody, and downright bleak. And from this bleakness comes beauty. Check out the video!

The song is writhes to and fro’ with the changing emotions of the song. It’s a genuinely dynamic piece. When it comes to the inspiration for the song guitarist/vocalist for Lòdz Eric had this to say:

‘”The Sound of Deceit” is the second video clip from our second album Time Doesn’t Heal Anything. It’s an introspective track both dark and dreamlike, dealing with disillusionment. When we are disappointed by others, by the turn of life because of bad choices we made or bad relationships … and in the end, we reject this disappointment on ourselves … Then we lose all hope, and all faith … and we cut off the world.’

If you liked what you heard and want to know more about Lòdz, check them out over on Facebook. Be sure to pick up your own copy of Time Doesn’t Heal Anything over at Bandcamp!

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