EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Spurv – “Myra” Album Stream

Welcome to the exclusive premiere of the brand new album Myra by Norwegian post-rock outfit, Spurv! Consisting of eight tracks that paint an emotional and enveloping atmosphere, this band utilizes the landscape and musical heritage of Norway to create some genuinely dynamic compositions. The energy of the album is consistent throughout its runtime, but avoids some of the trappings of the more recent trends of the post-rock genre. Don’t take my word for it, check out Myra below!

After a brief intro track, “Og Ny Skog Bæres Frem” begins and instantly engages with its foreboding atmosphere. The movements are subtle, but powerful and the sonic picture that’s painted is a thing of beauty. “Hviler Bekkenes Sang” takes a slightly different approach and builds with much more anticipation and patience. The airy atmosphere lasts longer and is a nice pace adjustment for the listener. “Fra Myrtempelet” sees the band employ more caustic sounds, strings, and additional synth banks to great effect. It’s a cinematic showpiece that evokes visions of a snowy, but hopeful landscape. You can get a deeper look into the album by checking the review our writer Patrick provided recently.

The band has the following to say about the album

Myra is our soundtrack to the hidden myths of our time, to the still untold stories about the mysteries of nature and the powers that might yet still come to dwell again in the forests, in the winds and the seas. It is an attempt to capture and give audible form to the wordless song that resounds from water mirrors on the marshes and from the fog that silently sweeps across the lakes. It is a protest to the naïve dream of progress, that everything will be fine in the end, and that somehow we all will get unhurt out of this mess that we have made for ourselves. Myra (the marsh) is indeed the last temple: the place that must remain hallowed, sacred and untouched lest everything will fall asunder’.

You can order your very own copy of Myra through Bandcamp or through the webstore of Spurv’s label, Fysisk Format. While you’re at it, be sure to give the band and the label a like on Facebook and a follow over on Twitter!


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