EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Unprocessed – “Haven”

Thanks god it’s Friday! And we have some groovy tunes straight outta Germany for you guys. I guess some of you are familiar with the boys in Unprocessed, known for groovy, djenty sections posted in several Facebook groups. Over the last years they grew bigger and bigger, releasing their debut record In Concretion as well as a follow-up EP called Perception. After playing shows with well-known artists like Betraying The Martyrs, Being As An Ocean or Napoleon, the band headed out on their very first EU tour, as well as several shows in Germany.

New Record out this April!

Just yesterday, the band has announced having signed to our friends in Long Branch Records the day before they got added to the UK Tech Fest bill. Exciting times for a young and highly acclaimed band! Their new record Covenant will be released on April 13th via Long Branch Records, and is describes by the band as a concept album displaying the inner universe of a human being. Said individuum strives and seeks for answers in a cryptic world:

His travels start with a vision of a colourful paradise (“HAVEN”), then lead his way through encounters with a female demon by name “GHILAN”, who tries to seduce him with sweet singings, but then forces him to escape his death and flee into an underwater world described in “Malleable”. All these events are not only described lyrically but also set to music by the instrumental work on the record.

That being said, here we go with the very first single off Covenant, “Haven”:

About “Haven”

The song kicks off with a very chuggy riff that will be loved by every fan of Monuments-y breaks. Thanks to the very classy production, the guitars draw a very differentiated line between palm muted grooves and the use of ghost notes. All this comes with clean vocals that create a slightly catchy vibe, before the instrumental grooves come back in. Especially the polyrhythmic work on the drums perfectly combines with the slightly melodic riffage of all three guitars.

Having shot the video in an old castle close to the Polish border, Unprocessed used this scenery to perform heavily to their music. “Haven” oscillates between being a progressive shredfest and an instrumental groove monster. The shouts deliver some more heaviness over the layered ambiance and make this song an ethereal experience. Also the guitar solo by vocalist Manuel Gardner Fernandes might give you some interesting feels. This song features almost everything that the basic djent fan loves about this genre of music.

As the band states on the song:

“Haven” is the reflection of a fight between two worlds within the perception of human spirit. “Haven” represents the first single of upcoming full length album “Covenant” and the start of an amazing, yet dark journey into the inner universe of a two-faced personality.

Fans of bands like Monuments, TesseracT or Uneven Structure will love this tune for sure, especially its very ending section. Enjoy!

Here’s the artwork of Covenant:


1. Covenant
2. Haven
3. Ghilan
4. Malleable
5. Millenium
6. The Division
7. The Mirror
8. Meridian
9. Exhale
10. Exeunt

Make sure to get your pre-orders ready and follow Unprocessed on their Facebook page to not miss any updates. What do y’all think of “Haven”? Let us know in the comments!

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