EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Within The Giant’s Reach -“The Summit” [Official Lyric Video]

We’ve got a hot one for you today! It Djents is proud to premiere the brand new lyric video for “The Summit” by Within The Giant’s Reach from their upcoming EP, In The Beginning. If you’re uninitiated with this band, a quick introduction may be in order. This San Antonio, Texas-based outfit pulls strands from all over the metal landscape: death metal, djent, deathcore, and more. What’s easy to recognize is the band’s focus on groove and keeping their songs built around their lyrics. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the brand new lyric video!

The theme of “The Summit” is all about overcoming and persevering in spite of criticism and adversity from within and without. It’s aggressively inspiring and falls in line with the band’s established direction. The video itself does a good job of visually supporting the message of the track and artfully showing us the lyrics dropping in and out of the topical animations. The ripping vocals and headbanging riffs never take away from the positivity that bleeds from this song. Much like Lamb Of God’s “Walk With Me In Hell”, songs like “The Summit” prove that self-actualization and messages of hope fit just fine in the heavy music scene. If you’re like your music heavy, but still mindful of meaningful lyrical content, then look no further than “The Summit.” 

In The Beginning will hit the digital shelves on May 11th, so be sure to head on over to Bandcamp to pre-order now! You can also follow Within The Giant’s Reach on Facebook for more updates from the band!

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