NEWS: Fire For Effect Unites Members of Atheist, Pestilence, Suffocation, and Malevolent Creation

What we have here is a definitive 90s death metal supergroup. Fire For Effect puts members from some of the most popular American death metal bands of the era together. Many It Djents readers may have already heard about this, making this article just a case of, well, ‘firing for effect.’

Background: The Members

  • GIO GERACA played guitar in Malevolent Creation from 2009 to 2016 (including last year’s Dead Man’s Path album). He has also been in power metal band Ashes Of Ares since 2013. He has a distinctive melodic playing style. He appears to be the brains behind Fire For Effect, the formation of the band being his idea.
  • TONY CHOY is a virtuoso bass player, celebrated for his work in Atheist (and if you never heard of that band, then you do not know techdeath — go listen to them, then come back to this article — we will wait), Pestilence, and Cynic. A very flexible bass player and best known for his slap-and-pop style, it will be interesting to see how he plays in a more straightforward band like Fire For Effect.
  • MIKE SMITH was the original drummer for Suffocation, appearing on their first two albums, and who re-joined the band for three albums from 2004 to 2012. Fire For Effect appears to be slow by his standards. Smith is very aggressive with his double-bass drumming.
  • BRETT HOFFMAN was Malevolent Creation’s first vocalist, performing on their first three albums before leaving and coming back at least twice. (MC have somewhat of a revolving door policy when it comes to lineup changes.) His vocals are basic by the genre’s standards, albeit with surprisingly intelligible enunciation of the lyrics.
  • ERIC BUKOWSKI rounds out Fire For Effect’s lineup as a second guitarist. Very little is known about him at this time of writing but he seems to have done a lot of production work with deathcore bands.

Everything Else We Know

Fire For Effect claim to embrace ‘old school war metal values with some added Nordic atmosphere.’ They evoke such names as Bolt Thrower and Amon Amarth as reference points. The teaser video near the top of this article would be the only song they have released at this time of writing.

Fire For Effect (logo)

Fire For Effect (logo)

Geraca has stated ‘it is unclear at this point if we will self-release a debut album or release it with a record company.’ That having been said, it is highly unlikely that a record company will not show interest in Fire For Effect. Whether or not a label would want to invest heavily in promoting this band might be a more open question. Geraca said ‘we are taking things strategically slow right now.’ It is possible, if not likely, that Fire For Effect will not release anything until early or mid-2018 at the very earliest.

Fire For Effect so far have a social media presence on Facebook and YouTube.

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