Anyone who’s ever been in a band can tell you how hard it is to find the right drummer. This can often be credited to how expensive and space-consuming the barrier to entry is, the lack of glory compared to being the frontman or a guitar hero, or-to be honest-the sheer amount of skill and precision it takes. Particularly in metal, one will find that a talented drummer rarely has trouble finding work (note that I don’t say paid work). A solid blaster-of-beats can quickly find their weekends evaporating away while sharpening sets with half of the acts in their local scene.

When one thinks of metal’s most acclaimed drummers: the Jan “Hellhammer” Blombergs, the Chris Adlers, the Mike Portnoys, etc, one of the things that really sticks out is the number of acts that they’ve elected to work with, and how unpredictable the choices can seem to outsiders.

In the various scenes within extreme music, wherein us, the fans, take what we’re listening to so personally, a drummer has the opportunity to impact a ridiculous number of lives through these numerous-and sometimes thankless or understated-contributions.

One such prolific, skin-beating hero, who doubtlessly had that effect on fans and fellow musicians the world over was the late Adam Sagan, a dynamic contributor to progressive metal and rock through his work in bands such as Into EternityCircle II CircleWitherfallWhite Empress, and a number of others. During his career, he collaborated and shared the stage with such big names as Stu Block (Iced Earth, Into Eternity), Noah Martin (Arsis, Dark Empire), and Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Vicious Rumors).


Sagan in 2015  Photo credit: Caroline Traitler

An incredibly ambitious, hard working percussionist, Sagan‘s career came to an end today after a heroic fight with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma, a cancer of the blood. He was thirty-six, and by all accounts, a fantastic human being.

Said Sagan‘s brother, Nate:

“I want to thank everyone who helped support Adam Sagan and our family during his battle with cancer. Today, his epic and relentless fight is coming to an end. Nobody has ever touched more people than my brother and he will be missed, but certainly not forgotten. Thank you all for the love and support. Stay strong, Adam would have wanted it that way.”

To us here on the It Djents staff, we know Adam best as one of progressive melodeath troupe, Into Eternity‘s drummers. His tenure was during what would arguably be their most iconic era: between 2004’s Buried in Oblivion, and 2006’s The Scattering of Ashes. The band had this to say about his tragic passing:

“With heavy hearts, we say farewell to our longtime friend and bandmate Adam Sagan. We have lost another brother to the scourge of cancer.

Adam was far too young but brave beyond his years.

“We will miss you, Adam, and we will never forget the countless stages we shared and miles we traveled. Our hearts go out to your brothers and to your family. May you finally have found peace.”


Sagan will be heard on the upcoming Witherfall album, according to bandmate, Joseph Michael, who released the following statement:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to post this sad news; our brother and Witherfall Drummer Adam Sagan has Lost his fight with cancer… I’m not gonna go into details out of respect for his family, I’m sure are going through unimaginable grief at this time. Adam and I had been communicating on a daily basis as we were preparing to release the Witherfall record… I hadn’t heard from him in a few days so I contacted a mutual friend. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. All he wanted was to beat this scourge and get back to doing what he loved: playing music. It fills me with dread to know he will not live to see this record released.

Friends in the music community, as well as us here at It Djents, universally encourage generous fans to contribute to the family’s  GoFundMe page.

Find a more complete list of quotes and tributes to Adam Sagan on the relevant Blabbermouth press release.


As this story is possibly developing, this article is subject to change.


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