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It Djents TV: Mirrors – “Tie The Lace” [Official Music Video]

In a country brimming with popular and emerging metalcore bands, Australia’s Mirrors emerge with this catchy and surprisingly melodic video that evokes Like Moths To Flames and, if you certain aesthetics are stretched, Miss May I in their heavier moments. The second video release off of Mirrors’s upcoming Fool’s Paradise EP, “Tie The Lace,” is an exclusive premiere for It Djents and while evokes a “bro-ified” image of mixed martial arts combat, the substance in the music itself is plain to see.

Here Mirrors show all the things we expect: the djenty chugging for the rhythm, without any confusing polyrhythms. They wisely keep their guitars tuned in a register that leaves the notes discernible. They have the bell-like melodies overlaying the chug, using an oddly clean tone reminiscent of Forevermore’s use of this idiom. The real star of the show here is drummer Daniel Balakas. His rhythm in “Tie The Lace” drives the heaviness just enough to keep the guitars from overwhelming the sound and the melodies from taking away from the song’s impact.


Mirrors - "Fool's Paradise," out 17-MAR-2017

Fool’s Paradise by Mirrors will be released independently on March 17 and can be pre-ordered on iTunes. Also make sure to check out their merch page and follow the band on Facebook. Immediately after the release of Fool’s Paradise, Mirrors will tour Australia with Trojans and As Paradise Falls; dates (and tickets for some dates) are already available online.

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