NEWS: New Arkaik Album In September

San Diego tech-death band Arkaik announced a September 29, 2017 release date for their fifth full-length album, to be entitled Nemethia. Pre-orders are available from Unique Leader records through their Bandcamp. The page includes a stream of the opening song, called “Occultvision.” It shows every sign of Nemethia being in the same class as Arkaik’s 2015 album, Lucid Dawn; in other words, it is amazing.

What We Heard

Arkaik describe Nemethia as “a continuation on the conceptual saga of the two previous releases (2012’s Metamorphic and 2015’s Lucid Dawn), the journey of ‘Cyrix’ expands into new landscapes.” They did us the courtesy of including a one-minute guitar playthrough teaser of the album (billed as “studio footage”, because we can see a guy sitting at a laptop watching waveforms appear), but they did not put it on YouTube, so we cannot embed it here – you can see the video on their Facebook page. Unique Leader Records put a more typical album preview on YouTube last month.

About Arkaik’s Sound

Arkaik play technical death metal, characterized by super-fast guitar leads that provide a somewhat melodic motif to to each song. All of the band’s musicians play at a very high level, with the bass player adding more than a few solos of his own. That the occupant of the drum stool seems to change so often (they had a temporary drummer when touring with Psycroptic in 2015) might be a consequence of Arkaik refusing to settle for a drummer of average – or even better than average – skills. They have also been compared to other technical death metal bands like Necrophagist, The Faceless, and Archspire.

Who’s On It?

Drumming duties on Nemethia were handled by Gabe Seeber from The Kennedy Veil and Decrepit Birth. Arkaik announced a number of guest appearances on the album:

  • Joe Haley (guitarist of Psycroptic)
  • Arde Ostowari (singer/guitarist of Burning The Masses)
  • Stephen Paulson (principal bassoonist of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra)
  • Craig Peters (ex-Arkaik guitarist)

Arkaik will be touring through September and October with Alterbeast and Inanimate Existence. You can follow Arkaik on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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1 Comment

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