NEWS: A Perfect Circle Ring In New Year With New Track “Disillusioned”

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s some new music from A Perfect Circle! The band posted a coded picture yesterday that appeared to be lyrics to a song, then early this morning dropped “Disillusioned” which you can hear right now:

This is a calming track, a tranquil opening to the new year. Maynard James Keenan’s voice and piano from James Iha dominate most of the song as the rest of the instrumentation melts away at the end of each verse and returns after the chorus. It’s pretty, serene and even ethereal in some places, much more so than their last single “The Doomed“. Keenan’s lyrics offer up some social commentary as they usually do; ‘we’ve become disillusioned / So we run towards anything glimmering’.

This song also came with preorder information for a limited edition 10″ vinyl that has both “The Doomed” and “Disillusioned” on it. It’s a neat patterned vinyl due out on March 9, 2018 and available through their official website. No word on whether or not this all has to do with a new album, but the band has been forthcoming is letting fans know to expect an album sometime in 2018. Stay tuned!

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