NEWS: Aegaeon Unveil Departure Of Front-Man Julian Kersey

Potentially unwelcome news for fans of Aegaeon today, as the deathcore outfit release a statement detailing that they will be proceeding without the services of longstanding vocalist Julian Kersey.

This announcement will no doubt come as somewhat of a surprise, given the positive activity from the band of late; namely an openly announced return to the studio, following a five-year hiatus since their last bona fide record.

The statement itself is as follows:

Hello all, as you have seen we are in the studio tracking our next full-length. That being said we have decided to move forward without our longtime friend and vocalist Julian Kersey. This was not an easy decision to make but one that we felt necessary as a group. We’ve had some of the best times as a band alongside him. We wish Julian the best in his future endeavours and he will always be a part of the Aegaeon family.

Unfortunately, whilst we’re aware that the band are currently hard at work recording a full-length attempt, it’s still unclear as to how the vocalist situation will be approached; should we expect a replacement, or will the record be released as an instrumental effort? Regardless, it’s still undoubtedly a positive thing that Aegaeon are back in the studio, so whilst we wait for more info, why not indulge in some of the band’s older work? You can do just that via the link below:

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