NEWS: Alcest To Re-Release “Souvenirs D’Un Autre Monde”

Where, oh where have the years gone, pray tell? It seems like it was yesterday that Alcest released their highly-acclaimed début record Souvenirs d’un autre monde in 2007, essentially turning the whole metal scene upside down for a moment and creating a whole new sugbenre, blackgaze (or post-black metal, whichever terminology you prefer). Today, Stéphane ‘Neige’ Paut is hailed as the forefather of a musical movement; but for him, it all started with putting to music his childhood memories of a distant spiritual world he was in contact with. The combination of black metal, post rock, slowcore and acoustic elements it displays holds up very well to this day.

A ten years worth of memories

And now, this milestone album is getting a ten-year anniversary re-release in September, via Alcest‘s longtime label Prophecy Productions. Here’s what Paut himself had to say about this joyous occasion on Facebook:

‘I am so happy to announce that Prophecy Productions will re-release Alcest’s first album « Souvenirs d’un autre monde » in September. The book version contains a long text that I’ve been working on during the past month and other extra features (unreleased pictures, etc…). This record will always have a special place in my heart and I hope you guys will appreciate the effort put into this re-release.’

On Souvenirs d’un autre monde itself, he stated in a message on the label’s website:

‘Souvenirs d’un autre monde’ came out ten years ago, in 2007. It’s crazy to witness time flying by so fast. It seems like the album was released only yesterday, yet so many things happened in the life of Alcest during this period of time. My young age and my somewhat lack of experience at the time gave ‘Souvenirs…’ a strong, genuine approach, along with a characteristic sound. It’s a concept album that didn’t have any other purpose than pure artistic ambition and didn’t follow any pre-established genre. All of this gives it a really special place in my heart and is probably also why it’s still one of the proudest moments of my musical career so far.’

A piece of music history

The re-release package will come in two editions, the specs of which you can check out here. You can pre-order both by following this link. These limited edition articles range around 20,00 Euros, which is a very decent price, considering what you’re getting your hands on. Not only Souvenirs d’un autre monde a fantastic record, but it’s also a piece of modern metal history, so it’s great to see it being paid homage to with this re-release. Be fast, for this will definitely sell out!

Keep up with the latest updates by following Alcest on Facebook! They’ll be touring with Anathema later this year; you can find all tour dates in this older newspiece of ours.

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