NEWS: Amorphis Share Lyric Video For New Single “The Bee”

We fast approach the release of Amorphis‘ next album, Queen of Time. Detailed about a month ago, it comes out on May 18 through Nuclear Blast Records, and it looks to be a potential highlight of 2018 for progressive and melodic death metal fans. Now we get the first taste of music from it in the form of lead single “The Bee” and its lyric video. Let’s get into it!

This is pretty much what I have come to expect from the Finnish sextet, but there’s something else here. The band’s storytelling and writing, while always carrying the weight of an epic folk tale, seems to be supercharged here. Wanna know how epic can a song about bees be? Look no further! Amorphis make even the smallest thing sound grandiose and monolithic. The song has subtle Middle Eastern melodies, something that was prominent on their last album Under the Red Cloud as well. The scattered synth line and choral background vocals make the song stand out, and provide splendid high tones to contrast Tomi Joutsen’s deep guttural vocals and the heavy instrumentation.

Vocalist Joutsen provided a little insight into the concept of the song and how it ties back into upcoming album’s themes: ‘Of course, the lyrical inspiration is a bee, also in a metaphoric way. The tiniest thing can sometimes be the most important thing. A bee can bring life or if we destroy all the bees, life will stop here. It’s a very beautiful animal, that’s why you can find it on the album cover too. The track itself is a kind of progressive and I’m sure that it will surprise some fans in a positive way.’

Find Amorphis on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and their official website. Queen of Time comes out on May 18, and it’s available for pre-order in a number of ways here!

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