NEWS: Architects Are Back With New Song “Doomsday”

This Wednesday just started off excitingly! There have been a lot of rumors if UK metalcore act Architects would be able to step up their game after the loss of Tom Searle. Which title could therefore fit a new single better than “Doomsday”? The song starts with a very melancholic clean ambiance until the main riff (one of those typical Architects riffs) comes in. This also reminds of what Northlane did on their tribute song “Paragon”, when speaking of the guitar work.

What truly stands out on this new song is the stellar vocal work by singer Sam Carter. Besides his powerful and emotional shouts he also works with clean singing a lot this time. Especially the rough cleans that were already present on the latest releases by Architects fit well in this single! When reading the lyrics, it becomes obvious that this song is about Searle’s death. For example, ‘they say the good die young‘ might refer directly to Tom. Said ‘brand new doomsday‘ might reflect on the band’s struggle with handling Tom’s passing.

Musical conclusion of the past

On the musical side, this song has everything to offer that fans of the band’s latest three records could ask for. In turn, they move farther away from their first three records, while drawing some self-referential influences from Daybreaker, Lost Forever // Lost Together, and of course their latest, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. The result: a very ambient mix of bouncy and hard-hitting breaks and a light alternative rock attitude that sounds kinda similar to Bring Me The Horizon‘s Sempiternal. Even if you’re not a fan of Architects‘ music, you should make sure to watch the video. Stuart Birchall created a true piece of art with this mostly monochrome video, which is truly able to blow one’s mind due to its editing and effects.

“Doomsday” might only be a new single, but should extinguish all the rumors about the band being unable to write great new music. It looks like Architects are back with full force, heading forwards to their next record that might be announced soon?! We can’t say more at the moment, but maybe there’s a new record coming up in 2018. Time to get excited!

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