NEWS: Archspire Unleash “Remote Tumour Seeker”

Been feeling kinda down today? Hoping for some more insanely-fast technical death metal to brighten your mood? Well, haven’t I got some news for you! The fine gentlemen in Archspire have just unveiled the second single off their upcoming record Relentless Mutation (due out on September 22 via Season of Mist). It is called “Remote Tumour Seeker” (as you may have guessed from the title of this piece), and you can check it out below:

“Remote Tumour Seeker”…

…is, at its core, more of what we’ve come to expect from Archspire: sharp, cutting guitars, tasteful drums, and the lightning-fast vocal delivery of circle-breathing master Oliver Rae Aleron. Not that something would be inherently wrong with sticking to their formula for another release (the band could live comfortably off their novelty factor alone, after all), but they still sought to bring some diversity into the mix. There’s some short moments of mid-tempo groove thrown in here and there, and the instrumental sections are standing out nicely as well. But my favorite moment has to be that little vocals-and-drums-only break around the 1:45 minute mark. It caught me a bit off guard, which doesn’t happen all that often these days, especially in the more technical music sector.

If you haven’t already, make sure to also check out the previous single “Involuntary Doppelgänger” (follow this link, if you will), and you’ll be sufficiently stoked for Relentless Mutation in no time. The album art is also gnarly, if that’s another selling point you want need to know about beforehand. Archspire definitely are one of THE young tech-death acts to watch at the moment, and hopefully their new record can expand on that. Follow the band on Facebook to get all the important intel on singles, tours etc., and, most importantly, STAY TECH (to put it in the band’s own terms)!

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