NEWS: August Burns Red Release “The Frost”

It’s Friday, and that ain’t the only good news we’ve got for you! Are you ready? Good, because there’s a new song by metalcore pioneers in August Burns Red! The band, who is going to release their seventh record by the name Phantom Anthem next month, just came out with single number two. Check it out below.

“The Frost”

The song doesn’t actually sound as cold as its name suggests. Based on a chord structure that keeps going throughout, it is a very catchy tune in the likes of a lot of the band’s older songs. The intro has a bit off everything from the last three records (including a slight ‘bohemian’ touch that hints to Rescue & Restore), while the riffing is very typical for the band. Fans of their albums Constellations and Messengers will mostly enjoy this tune as well. Also, the song’s pace is very driving, which becomes apparent within the breaks that are proggy but far from overly convoluted.

August Burns Red performing at Summer Breeze 2017. Photo: Rodney Fuchs

There’s a lot of melody going on, with vocalist Jake Luhrs doing his job in the usual manner. Halfway into song is another instrumental part, which focuses on the bass playing in a nice way. Matt Greiner’s use of his ride bell once again reminds so much of the band’s Messengers record. That being said, the band just had to kick in another rhythmically-moved break; it might be a try to get back to their 2007 sound after the band has been touring on the 10-year anniversary of their breakthrough record.

Anyway. August Burns Red mix those influences up nicely and create a song that will make you curious for the new record. It still sounds like ABR; most likely, they will forever. But there’s always something that sounds a bit different, which is what makes the difference for me . Phantom Anthem is going to be released on October 6th via Fearless Records.

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